HOUSE is the new range of products made by STS: this range is specifically designed for those companies which are not allowed to use glass to serve food or beverages.

Ask for an offer or the brochures on our range of products.

The range is made of the following glasses: ROCK IV whose volume is 428 cm3 and ROCK III whose is volume is 327 cm3. This glass is made of thermoplastic material suitable for food which represents a perfect substitute for glass and, therefore, can be used in public places, bars, pubs, rest areas etc...
The glasses of the HOUSE range are versatile and resistant: thanks to these features, they guarantee more safety compared to glass. Additionally, they are specifically designed to be ergonomic and easy to stack. All the above mentioned features make the HOUSE range economical and recyclable and glass is not any better than our line which can boast a very nice design and aesthetics.

The glass ROCK of the HOUSE range is available in several standard colours in both versions in order to satisfy customers’ needs. 

The glass HOUSE can be personalised with the logo of the customer (pad-printed and multicolour). In this way, you can have a peculiar as well functional product.

Furthermore, STS also provide a variety of straws (both rigid and flexible) as well as napkins. Ask for samples or get in touch with our sales staff for more information.

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